Friday, March 14, 2008

Ford of the Day

Reacting on the Turkish government's decision to shut down Youtube, Wordpress and Youporn in Turkey, the Fordbrothers recalled their Ford Consul to Vienna for urgent consultation on this issue. Ford Consul can drive on it's own, it can also speak for itself. Therefore ambassador Ilford could stay in Istanbul as he wished (he doesn't want to live in Ankara, he is not an ordinary ambassador, he states). We got word of some tensions between Ilford and Ford Consul as the machine refuses to call him Ilford but instead stubbornly adresses him with "Michael".

We do have diplomat license plates as well, but Ford Consul is operating undercover throughout the world, therefore it's license plate as well as color is changed daily.

However, this is one of the first sanctions of the Fordbrothers and we'll keep up the pressure on the Turkish government.

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