Friday, March 16, 2007

Ford of the Night

We decided to ennoble the unknown driver of this vehicle a Lord of the Night. Yes, Sir! A true Knight Rider!

But what is all this titles compared to a genuine Ford of the Night?

Can you see the bike of Fordbrother John in the background?
Him riding it through the dark streets around the Fordbrothers' residence in Viennas' 5th district makes a true Ford of the Night ...

Ford of the Day

O'Neil Ford

Besides the famous Tom Ford who used to work for Gucci "O'Neil Ford" left his marks in contemporary architecture ...

5. 1408 Country Club Road, Argyle

The Roland and Authella Ford Hersh house was designed by O'Neil Ford for his sister and built in 1965. Built of Mexican brick, this home features intricately carved entry doors by brother Lynn Ford, and whimsical ceramic light fixtures by long-time Ford associate Tom Stell.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ford of the Day

Lord Ford is currently shooting a documentary about a muezzin competition in Istanbul more. In one of the city's bookstores he found this giant book that makes thim look like a dwarf.

Fordbrother John stayed in Vienna as most of the time. Istanbul isn't far he says, but the way to the next airport is. Currently the Fordbrothers mostly stay in touch via the internet with their high-tech computer equipment.