Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ford of the Day

To our surprise we recently found our blog mentioned in an article by Andrea Maria Dusl aka Comandantina Dusilova. She recommended The Fordbrothers' blog in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard supplement Rondo (29th Feb. 2008 / Nr. 460 / Page 10).

The Fordbrothers feel greatly honoured and find their endeavors higly rewarded by such a mention as we are true admirers of La Comandantina as a writer and film directrice.
We want to remember you, dear reader, that Andrea Dusl directed the Film "Blue Moon" and brought our atention to lovely actrice Viktoria Malektorovych who should appear in films more often as we really admire her lovely acting as well as her very lovely appearance in general and total.

This mention gives us a wonderful and unique oportunity for being self referental, almost like other media personalities who get written about because they are in the media because they get public attention. Maybe this will spiral up into incredible success, ending in a Fordbrothers merchandising business, calendars for 0,99 $ with fordbros. pictured naked etc etc, turning the Fordbrother existence into a profitable entreprise. well, we are prepared.

The Fordbrothers enjoy any publicity as we are "Medienartisten" as Comandantina calls us, a term that hardly can be translated into english. "media high wire artist" isn't half as elegant. "Medienartisten" always long for public attention as this should be and has always been the main goal of any wired and high artist.

The question remains: why did comandantina Dusilova do this? What is behind all this? Does she want her high heels being licked by the incredibly sexy Fordbrothers or is it simply an act of selfless generosity to ennoble us with that mention. We don't know yet, but we might eventually find out, so please stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.

Best regards to our one and only true Comandantina ! ahoi !

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