Tuesday, November 02, 2010

And Now Some Music !

The fordbrothers have been asked to post this on their blog that they are truly amazed that this has been taking so long to happen. Well, dear friends of the Fordism here we go, some music to cheer you up. This might help to recover from the terrible events concerning the Ford Rotunda.
Heinz Erhardt - Fährt der alte Lord fort 1961

Fährt der alte Lord fort,
fährt er nur im Ford fort.
Und die gute Misses
gibt ihm ein paar Kisses.
Wenn er dann so flitzt,
lacht er ganz verschmitzt.

Denn er fährt nach Canterburry
zu der Mary-Lou.
Trinkt bei ihr nur ein Glas Cherry,
das ist very true.
Doch ich frag wozu?
Sie auch, was?

Fährt der alte Lord fort,
fährt er nur im Ford fort.
Und die gute Misses
gibt ihm ein paar Kisses.
Wenn er dann so flitzt, ha-ha
lacht er ganz verschmitzt.

Denn er fährt nach London City,
sieht sich dort mal um,
trinkt dann bei der blonden Kitty
nur ein Gläschen Rum
Doch ich frag warum?
Jeder fragt das!

Fährt der alte Lord fort,
fährt er nur im Ford fort.
Und die gute Misses
gibt ihm ein paar Kisses.
Wenn er dann so flitzt, ha-ha-ha
lacht er ganz verschmitzt.

Denn er fährt nach Wolverhämpton
zu der Conny hin,
trinkt dort einen ganz verschämten,
winzig kleinen Gin.
Wieder ohne Sinn!

Fährt der liebe, gute, alte Lord fort,
dann fährt er natürlich nur im Ford fort.
Und die liebe, gute, alte Misses
gibt ihm hinters Öhrchen ein paar Kisses.
Wenn er dann so flitzt, ha-ha-ha-ha
lacht er ganz verschmitzt.

Denn er fährt doch heut zur Elly
hin nach Hallifax, fax
und trinkt hemmungslos den Fruchtsaft
mit der Elly ex, ja.
Und dann unterwegs?
Na, was soll schon sein?

Sagt der Lord im Ford, dort:
„Fahr nicht mehr im Ford fort, eh-eh,
bleib bei meiner Misses. (was soll ich machen).
geb ihr ein paar Kisses
und fahr nicht mehr aus,
Ich bleib jetzt zuhaus.
Bis auf weiteres, bis auf weiteres,
bis auf weiteres, ha-ha, zuhaus .

Ford Rotunda - Glory and Tragedy

Fordbrother John has been bidding on a lovely b&w picture of the burning ford rotunda what reminded him of the tragic events that led to the end of this once so beautiful building.

Please check out the following website as it sums up the history of our beloved ford rotunda including some memorable pictures.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010



the fordbrothers truly believe that the only sustainable sources of energy will be solar power, solar thermal power, wind & water.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

walton ford, ford of the day

We have mentioned Walton before but due to the growing popularity we bring Walton up once more. Walton Ford has been featured by the Albertina who showed his work in Austria for the first time. The "Hamburger Bahnhof" in Berlin did as well. It is said that Tom Ford bought some of his namesake's picture. Even though theFordbrothers find the aesthetics of Walton Ford's images rather questionable with fur looking like feathers, we both respect his success and the fact that he seems to be a hard working guy like us.

The Spiegel article has a nice photospread and the FAZ praises him highly.
Well, don't forget to check out Audubon who's images seem to be the model for our namesakes Walton Ford's images:

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

contribution by rochus kahr. a man with sense for style. The fordbrothers not only see hom as a true friend who shares his enthusiasm and knowledge for architecture. John Ford recently had the honour to be guest in his new home in the 7th district of vienna where he was served wonderful chenterelles in his nicely furnished home where John also found this wonderful box of a ford lotus model sitting prominently on a sideboard in the livingroom. We highly recommend


if you're into stylish but yet totally practical minimalism.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ford of the Day

Ford of the Day is Muhammad Ali, an eternal source of inspiration for the Fordbrothers - or eternal "force of inspiration" like our friend Gökce Ince prefers to put it. However, we Fordbrothers are very sensitive beings and are therefore sometimes hurt by ignorant critics who are unable to understand our videos cause their brains operate at an alarmingly lower frequency than 1/25 of a second.

Yet they could have been worse off had they decided to become boxers...see why!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ford of the Day

Tommy Ford rockets down the slope at the Vancouver 2010 Men's Giant Slalom gaining his first experiences at a big sports event. Let's see if he will earn his "Tom" at the Sotchi Olympics in 2014 (is there a Men's Dwarf Slalom by any chance?). Whatever big obstacles and questions life will bring up for Tommy, we Fordbrothers wish him the best of luck!