Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ford of the Day

Today we celebrate the 5 years anniversary of Ford stamps that were published by the Austrian Post AG on June 5th, 2003. As always, the Fordbrothers are way ahead of their time and can already NOW proudly present to you the anniversary edition of Ford stamps: the Blue Forditius.

With this outstanding & beautiful product we hope to satisfy the high demands of the world's leading philatelists. The Blue Forditius being a strictly limited edition comes exactly like shown above, as quadruplicates.

And now a word from our sponsors:

Henry Unford wears pilot style TF0003 Tom Ford™ sunglasses with a black metal frame, black acetate front and smoke lens plus an integrated metal 'T' detail on the upper frame, John Ford covers his steel blue eyes with Prada™ eyewear. Ilford shows off in the archetypical Matchbox™ Ford while Harrison fails to look as dangerous as his 9mm Smith&Wesson™, though still leaving a good overall impression. Brother Francis, as always, remains behind rather than in front of his Bolex™ camera.

Ford of the Day

Not every day is a good day for a Ford of the Day ... Today is a good day, thanks to Mrs. Robinson ...