Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ford of the Day

Archetypical Ford of the Day

is this Ford Escort model donated by C.G. Jungs great grandson Thomas Fischer (who used to play with this toy as a child) to John Ford as to be used in one of his 3 dimensional collages.

As we find this vehicle far to precious to consciously abuse it as mere material for a collage, the fordbrothers decided
to honour it as Ford of the Day and keep it amongst other treasures in the vaults of John Ford's archives.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ford of the Day

is Luxemburgs upcoming director Govinda van Maele's Ford Sierra Combi. A detailed description of the vehicle will follow ... It's Govinda posing in front of the car after a trip to the Belgian coast and the Netherlands. I was shaking of excitement when i took this photo.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Unford of the Day

Unford of the Day

Robert "Bob" Newton Ford (1861-1892)
The "dirty little coward" who shot Jesse James in the back.

"Bob Ford I don't trust; I think he is a sneak; but Charlie Ford is as true as steel." -- Jesse James

By the winter of 1882, the gang of outlaws led by Jesse James had been greatly reduced due to deaths, captures, and men abandoning the gang. Jesse thought he had only two men left whom he could trust: brothers Bob and Charley Ford. James was running short of cash, and was happy to recruit the young Charley Ford and his brother, Robert, to assist in the robbery of the Platte City Bank. The Ford brothers posed as cousins of Jesse James, but were in fact unrelated. James asked the Ford brothers to move into his house in St. Joseph, Missouri in order to keep himself better protected. Unfortunately for James, the Ford brothers' plan was not to rob the bank, but to collect the $10,000 bounty that had been placed on James's head.

Mostly a "hanger-on" Bob did odd jobs and held the horses for the gang during robberies. It would be the killing of Jesse James on April 3, 1882, that would gain him the most attention, though not the kind he wished for. At first he was charged with murder of James and sentenced to hang. However, he was quickly pardoned by the governor of Missouri.

Though Ford tried to profit from the killing by taking the stage, he was ostracized as a traitor and forever took on the moniker "dirty little coward." But just ten years later, Ford himself was shot and killed while running a tent saloon in Creede, Colorado on June 8, 1892. Ford’s body was returned to Richmond, Missouri where he is interred in the Richmond City Cemetery.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ford of the Day

is a Ford Mustang Mach 1 Prototype

The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964 as a sporty "pony car" to attract younger buyers into Ford products. After only a few short years of development, Ford saw the need to create performance Mustangs to compete with GM and their release of the Camaro and Firebird.

The Mach 1 started with the fastback "Sports Roof" body and added several visual and performance enhancing items such as matt black hood and optional spoiler, hood pins, chrome gas cap and wheels, chrome exhaust tips (optional), chin spoiler and a 351 Windsor motor as base with either a two barrel or four barrel carburetor. A 390 CI four barrel as well as the huge 428 Cobra Jet were also available engines.

By the way, Lord Ford is driving a 1996 Lancia Y with 6 gears. Que macchina!

Ford of the Day

is Francis Ford Coppola

He was born to Carmine Coppola, at the time first flautist for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and his wife Italia in Detroit, Michigan on April 7, 1939, the second of three children. Two years later Carmine became first flautist for the NBC Symphony Orchestra and the family moved back to suburban Long Island, where Francis spent the remainder of his childhood. Coppola had polio as a boy, leaving him bedridden for large periods of his childhood, and allowing him to indulge his imagination with homemade puppet theater productions. Using his father's 8mm movie camera, he began making movies when he was 10. He studied theatre at Hofstra University prior to studying film at UCLA and while there, he made numerous short films, including some soft-core porn films. While in UCLA's Film Department Francis met Jim Morrison, who's music was used later in one of Francis' most famous movies, Apocalypse Now! In the early 1960s, he started his professional career making low-budget films with Roger Corman and writing screenplays. His first notable motion picture was made for Corman, the low-budget Dementia 13.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ford of the Day

is Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois). His maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Minsk, Belarus who met in Brooklyn. His Catholic paternal grandparents were John Fitzgerald Ford (an Irish American vaudeville performer) and Florence Veronica Niehaus (a German American). Harrison, when asked as to what religion he was raised in, jokingly responded, "Democrat." Ford has also said that he feels "Irish as a person but I feel Jewish as an actor".

Monday, September 25, 2006

Unford of the Day

... maybe even of all time, is Henry Ford.

On this photo shot in 1938 he receives the 'Adlerschild des Deutschen Reiches', the highest medal that Nazi Germany could bestow on a foreigner. Due to his extremly anti-Semitic attitude he managed to do business with Nazi-Germany when other US-companies where already blamed for being 'ungerman' and therefore forced to shut down their branches in Germany.

In 1918 Ford's closest aide and private secretary Ernest G. Liebold purchased an obscure weekly newspaper called 'The Dearborn Independent'. It ran for eight years during which Ford published the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion', that were discredited as a forgery invented by the Okhrana, the secret police in tsarist Russia.

In 1920 he published a book called 'The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem'. Hitler was a great admirer of Henry Ford and his writings. Several sections of 'Mein Kampf' were based on Ford's writings.

Amongst other jewish organisations the Anti Defamation League (ADL) made great efforts to mobilize prominent Jews and non-Jews to publicly oppose Ford's message. A boycott against Ford products by Jews and liberal Christians showed an impact. Ford had to close the 'Dearborn Independent' after a trial held in San Francisco in 1927.

Though he recanted his views in a public letter to the ADL, it is reported that he remained an anti-Semite until the end.

Ford of the Day

In so many ways, Lord Ford is a simple man. With an infantile but honest smile he shows his respect for this ballsy piece of contemporary art found in Vienna's streets a couple of nights ago.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ford of the Day

is talented writer G.M. Ford. We couldn't find a reliable source for this piece of information but it's very likely that the initials G.M. stand for General Motors. Not a very funny joke of his parents, the Fordbrothers think ...

But anyways, this will rocket you from first page to last faster than you have ever read before ...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ford of the Day

Ford of the Day

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, it's Fordbrother John aka Thomas Draschan sitting in his selfmade rocket chair. Take a closer look on what he is holding in his hands. It's the manual of a 1978 Ford Granada, a rare beauty. I noticed a silent enthusiasm in his face & asked my secretive brother whether this could be the car of his dreams. and more: if this car could be the magic car fitting to his magic pants, maybe motivation enough to finally get a driving licence. Or if he is thinking something completely different. "No.", he said.

Ford of the Day

is the letter 'T'

In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' it replaces the Christian cross as a religous symbol (✝).

The first automobile to leave the assembly line was the Ford 'Model T' in 1908. Until 1927 Ford sold 15 Mio. of 'Tin Lizzie', as it was called amongst connoisseurs. When Huxley wrote 'Brave New World' in 1932, he imagined that Fordism has become the world religion and that people worship Henry Ford. Instead of 'Oh Lord' it's 'Oh Ford' in the year 632 A.F. (after Ford).

Ford of the Day

Lord Ford dedicates this sunny morning to leisure and the pleasure of reading in Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's 'The Curse of Lono' & enjoying the magnificent illustrations by Ralph Steadman.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ford of the Day

Ford of the Day

John Ford, caught by paparazzi on Vienna airport.
Again he is reading, that was my guess. However, i discussed this photo with experts from all over the world with the result that the majority of them blamed John Ford of just looking at the images of this scientific magazine.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ford of the Day

Ford of the Day

is the word 'ford' itself.

a 'ford' is a point at a river where it is possible to cross it without a bridge by wading, on horseback, or in a wheeled vehicle. 'To ford' or 'fording' a river means crossing it. People prefered such places for settlements in ancient times. Names of many towns and villages are derived from such places, e.g. Oxford (a ford where oxen crossed the river), or Stratford (a ford on a Roman road). The german word 'furt' has the same meaning. The names of cities like Frankfurt (Germany) and Klagenfurt (Austria) can also be traced back this way.

The image shows people with their cattle fording a ford in ancient Egypte. It's a painting found in a burial chamber around 2500 B.C.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Unford of the Day

Ford of the Day

was no easy decision for us. It's an Unford of the Day because of unfordbrotherish behaviour. Bill Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford (who is, by the way, the prototype of unfordbrotherish behaviour) & current CEO of the Ford Motor Company is planning to release a large number of employees, according to the financial columns in todays international newspapers (there are rumours accusing Lord Ford of illegal off-shore business transactions after his secret bank-account in Luxemburg was discovered. Just to explain why the Fordbrothers are reading the business part of international newspapers ... ).

Don't do it, Bill. We & the rest of the family would be more than disappointed.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fjord of the Day

is this anonymous Fjord horse.

As some people have fun calling us the 'Fjordbrothers', we dedicate this 'Fjord of the Day' to all of them.

The Fjord horse is an ancient breed originating from Norway and resembles the Asiatic wild horse depicted in prehistoric cave paintings. The Fjord was used by the Vikings in battle and also for ploughing. It is used for agricultural work, being able to access areas where it is not possible to use tractors, and is also used as a riding and driving pony. Although the Fjord only reaches 14.2hh it is often referred to as a horse due to its muscular build.

The Fjord Horse stands 13 to 14.2 hh. The Fjord horse is dun with black dorsal stripe. The mane is dark in the centre and light on the outside. The Fjord horse has a broad forehead and big eyes, short thick neck, coarse upright mane, medium length muscular body. Robust, light and quick movement. The Fjord Horse is docile, friendly and hardworking. The Fjord horse is used as a general riding and driving pony, and for pack work and farm work.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ford of the Day

Melyssa Savannah Ford (*7.11.1976 in Toronto, Canada). Originally from Toronto, this exotic beauty, with a combination of West Indian, Norwegian and Russian heritage, possesses a look that many have gravitated toward and that has landed her on numerous national magazine covers and top-selling calendars. Through hard work and perseverance, she is quickly emerging as the latest sex symbol/icon in the entertainment industry.

A passion for performing began at a very early age for Melyssa, as she would star in various plays throughout her school career, such as Beauty and the Beast. Melyssa then went on to star in several independent films and secure a recurring role on Showtime's hit series “Soul Food” and the UPN series “Platinum”. In the interim, Melyssa decided to continue her educational studies at York University in Toronto . Studying forensic psychology with the hopes that one day she would grow up to work for CSIS, within their behavioral science unit, helping to develop character studies on high profile criminals and sex offenders.

Ford of the Day

Betty Ford (*April 8, 1918)

She was the founder of the Betty Ford Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center ( Their mission is to provide effective alcohol and other drug dependency treatment services, including programs of education and research to help women, men and families begin the process of recovery.

She became the US First Lady in 1974 when her husband Gerald Ford became US President after the resignation of President Richard Nixon. In 1978 Betty Ford's family staged an intervention and forced her to confront her own alcoholism and addiction to opioid analgesics and seek treatment. After her recovery, she established in 1982 the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

Get help now (800) 434-7365 (also offering children's program)

Ford of the Day

Lord Ford himself posing in front of an old Ford automobile in Colonia, Uruguay in May 2005. With impressive precision, Lord Ford creates a beautifully shaped shadow that points on Henry Ford's signature at the rear of the vehicle.

Ford of the Day

Glenn Ford (* 1. Mai 1916 in Sainte-Christine, Acton County, Qu├ębec; † 30. August 2006 in Beverly Hills; eigentlich Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford)

Ford is best known for his film roles playing either cowboys or ordinary men in unusual circumstances. Ford was married four times. All four marriages ended in divorce. During his retirement he concentrated on his interest in collecting salt and pepper shakers.