Friday, March 14, 2008

Unpostable Ford of the Day

Dear reader, dear brothers and sisters in Ford,

two days ago the Turkish Republic caused great damage to the wonderful world of Ford. I've tried to post a Youtube video for you which was brought to the Fordbrothers' attention by scriptwriter Don Leon who is currently working with brother John. But due to a ban of Youtube in Turkey it is not possible for me to bringt this video to your attention at the moment. Because i'm Ilford and i'm in Turkey.

In this country there is a law against insulting the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. For the second time in less than one year this law was executed on Youtube because some videos online claim (amongst other things) that Atatürk was gay. That he was an alcoholic is accepted amongst pro Kemalist historians (due to the fact that he died from cirrhosis of the liver) and therefore not insulting (even thought the formulation mostly goes something like this: "he enjoyed it in vast quantities"). But gay is too much for the male nationalist ego. He was a military man and up until today stating that you're gay allows you to skip the obligational military service for the price of getting a lifelong official record that can be asked for later in your life, e.g. by the potential employer upon application.

Back to censorship and Youtube: Not only does this affect users who want to access Youtube directly but also all Youtube videos that are embeded on other sites ... like on our infamous Fordbrothers' site. And that's not it: following a court decision, in summer 2007, entire Wordpress was shut down as well for Turkish users and is not accessibl up until today. A creatonist named Adnan Oktar felt insulted in one or the other blog in this case. Further, dear brothers and sisters in Ford, the juicy site Youporn has been shut down as well here in Turkey. I don't know exactly since when and can only guess why, but also find it highly irritating.

The Turkish & Middle Eastern division of the Ford brotherhood is currently using all it's ressources to make pressure on the Turkish governement and calls upon every decent human being to support our struggle for freedom of speech and expression!

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