Sunday, June 07, 2009

fjord of the day

Jette Cathrin Hopp just told us on Facebook she's been riding her beautiful Oslo Fjord through Oslo.

We should post more about cycling as a very interesting thread about bicycles is evolving on Facebook featuring Markus Vetters Colorado Concept Tubing Race bike from Serotta as well as his Nicolai Helius RC, Jettes Oslo Fjord, Günter Zehetners Pegasus Familiy bike with it's practical shopping basket, Vera Brüggemanns NSU Hollandbike from 1940 and a Dahon folding bike owned by John Ford. Bikes are always a big issue for the Fordbrothers. My Cannondale Mountainbike recently got stolen and I am still waiting for the replacement: another Cannondale F1 with the fashionable Lefty Fork. Fordbrother Geronimo is about to buy a bike but can't decide what to buy and currently opts for a Cannondale Bad Boy even though I keep telling him not to buy it as it will get stolen. Actually I currently think about getting a decent single speed as a city bike but haven't made up my mind which frame to chose. My ideal would be a Serotta titanium frame painted with cheesy colours to make it look like worthless trash so thieves would overlook it ....

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