Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ford of the Day

Travis Touchdown is a character of the Nintendo wii game created by Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) who got famous with his stylish and ueber-violent game Killer7. Travis seems to us like being modelled after the looks of our beloved Ilford (compare the images!) his looks only being altered little simply to better fit japanese likings.

The Fordbrothers feel honoured by such a reverence by a videogame master like Suda 51. The Fordbrothers send their kindest regards to Mr. Goichi Suda and his team. We're eagerly awaiting a copy of this game, having our wii set up and ready to go! Nevertheless we fear that it might take quite a long time for the game to hit europe. As the game is being advertised being even more "ueber violent" than "Manhunt 2. As a worst case scenario we fear that we will have to get an import version only playable on wii's with a mod-chip which will again force the fordbrothers into illegal activities regarding copyright laws.

The fordbrothers being used to violate common legislation in various fields with great pleasure will do so without the slightest hesitation. It could be stated that through the permanent abuse of found footage in their work violation of copyright laws has become their second nature. John Ford who has been an excellent swordsman in his youth hopes that the game based on sword fight will give him an oportunity to proof his remarkable capabilities without having to get up from his newly aquired witmann sofa.

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